Home Is Where You Are

Home is Where You Are



Taking a glimpse down memory lane
I discern the numerous residences,
Simple addresses that fed the mundane
 To my senses.

From childhood to barely legal,
To crownless from regal,
I found a place
I found a home

In your arms, I want to dwell
Your presence my eternal well
Saccharine delights
Lovely insights

Whether in a shack or in a castle
Agreeable or in a hassle
Home is where you are
As we take the road ahead, 
Passing by the places seen and heard, 
In the concrete jungle where I've been sheltered, 
I look in the rearview mirror and of 5 years I am reminiscent--
Memories made, 
Connections cherished, 
Challenges conquered. 
I ponder of our destination, 
The unknown chapter that lies before us--
Our frivolous items, Our hopes and fears, 
The fruits of our sweat and tears. 
I look to my side an I am reminded, 
that I've been home all along; 
For Home Is Where You Are! 

Then and Now


August 2008

Some time has passed since my fingers brushed against these keys to reveal my thoughts; thus tonight I wish to make this blank sheet the canvas of my emotions... 

I recall a time when-- 
I was the girl behind closed doors, 
The one with the many open sores. 
When the ongoing stream of tears, 
Formed a pool of endless fears. 
A time when confusion reigned 
And torment soared, 
A time when silence resonated 
And expections remained. 

I recall a time when-- 
Mere dreams seemed impossible realities, 
Words and actions were daily brutalities. 
When being loved was a fairytale, 
A sweet scent I wished to inhale. 
A time when lust lured, 
And passion pained; 
A time when my sandy skin was scarred, 
And my heart unsecured. 

I am the girl flaunted, 
The one undaunted. 
My cries are heard, 
My wounds cured. 
My frowns smile 
My moods are versatile. 
My joy unending, 
And my love transcending... 

Written Fall 2005, dedicated Fall 2008

Written a few years ago, now finally dedicated to he who has my heart...

The beaming sunrays,
The crystal blue beach,
The warm sand our bodies beseech;
All vanished with our summer days. 
Winter is near
The holiday we all so revere.
But sometimes, we forget fall,
As if it needs not to be recalled.

Autumn, Fall,
A time so seemingly dull, 
Often fools one into such despair, 
That its true meaning evaporates as morning air. 
‘Tis true that the opportunity of crunching leaves is taken away, 
Here, such moment remains forever a delay. 
But as crimson foliages are eluded,
May our memories ceaselessly be exuded. 

No time to see each other, 
No time to share the sweet smell of an autumn morn’,
But as promising as Earth, our Mother,
Let such a time come as the striking dawn. 
No time to share a saccharine kiss,
Only time spent wishing for an eternal bliss. 
Autumn, Fall,
Darling, it is you that I call. 

Autumn in Florida doesn’t mean falling leaves,
Nor a crisp cool breeze to pierce through our sleeves. 
No denuded trees, 
Roughly any frozen seas.
In such a time easily compared, 
Let surface all the times we ever shared. 
Like the leaves of rust and scarlet blend,
May our love forever be so tend. 

Tempting it is to surrender one's self to another, 
Engulf completely one's mind into a transient truth 
Mend a longing heart into an illusory bliss, 
Plunge into the pool of forbidden sins. 
Temporarily entertwined with another wicked soul 
Aiming for a bittersweet goal 
Transcending into a jaded yet invigorating reality 
Igniting a sensation hurling to be freed 
Orchestrating a chaotic melody 
Navigating through the beginning of a confusing end...
Seven Lines


I write you Seven lines,
Seven for my seven passion signs:
The trust I have found in you,
The understanding shared when we communicate.
The curiosity and serenity of a future with you,
The burning desire of us as a mate.
The devotion which scars the word passion across my Heart…

When I close my eyes,
To deny what’s in front of me,
I release the cries,
As I submerge into an ephemeral eternity.
When I turn off my ears,
To reject the words I tenderly crave;
I yield from the utterance of such peers,
Only to heed to that of a hectic colossal cave.
When I inhale someone else’s fragrance,
To refill my lungs with innovative impurity,
 I lance the contagion to have its dance,
As I strive to keep your breath’s purity.
When I paint my lips crimson red,
To accede to that it be devoured by another,
I return the fiend’s kiss, without a word being said,
As I plunge into a spiral, saccharine cell with such other.
 When I speak the words of passion with such,
To rebuff the last time my scarred skin has been felt,
I labor to heal the bruises so much,
That I forget to fake my habitual melt.
When I trade in the truth,
For incoming pain,
I continue to abuse my aged youth,
For I pierce your poison into the main vein;
When I do such cruelty to my heart,
Breaking down, so that you never depart,
The devil’s dance commences,
As for you, I do the sacrifices…

True Treasures   


I have uncovered the treasures
Your heart and companionship have offered me---
Your eyes to illuminate and melt away my newborn fears--
Your smile, to rejoice my once broken heart—
Your lips to allay my forever burning desire--
Your hugs to serve as a refuge against those cruel days—
Your warmth to melt away those cold nights spent alone—
Your heart and companionship to forever remain a treasure
In my Life…

Into my glowing eyes—
My ephemeral smile—
My delicate lips—
My unlimited hugs—
My savory warmth against your body—
My fragile heart and long-term companionship—
Have all been given to you,
As Your personal Treasures…

One last treasure can “only” be uncovered
By your personal Hands…
It will be uncovered without your knowledge,
Simply at the right timing.
It is not something that’s irrevocable,
Simply something desirable.
It will be surrounded by petals and candles,
Accompanied with a harmonious sound.
Enjoy your final treasure respectively,
And remember that patience is always a virtue,
As your REAL treasure lies in my heart…